Security you can bet your life on.

Do you know why SESP is the world’s most trusted name in RF jamming?

Field-Tested Expertise.

SESP possesses the kind of priceless know-how only gained through decades of international security experience. Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED’s) stole the spotlight thirty years ago, and SESP has been there since the beginning, producing systems that guarantee electronic warfare supremacy (EWS) and protect the lives of those at risk.



We work closely with clients through every step of design and production. Every political climate and geographic sector has its own risk factors, with SESP’s forte of integrating fully-personalized systems into seamless turnkey solutions ensuring that our clients are safe on the road, from the air, and on location.

Relentless Development.

Here’s the formula for rising above and beyond the highest expectations: Nurturing a tenacious devotion to excellence and a culture of pushing the limits.

Our advanced solutions set new standards for:

– Power         – Efficiency
– Range         – Integration
– Reliability    – Ease of use


Global access and reach.

Our clientele step forward from around the world, and our experienced and sensitive staff ensure that all solutions are fit for the gamut of international diversity. Additionally, no commission process is complete without full exposure to the product and thorough hands-on training in its use.