Quality Policy

SESP Ltd. (SESP) designs and manufactures radio security products and services.

SESP strives to be a leader in its field of product quality, technology, product design, production and quality of service for the benefit of its customers.

SESP considers the achievement of high quality products the key path to attain customer satisfaction and trust.

SESP considers an efficient quality assurance system to be the key path to improving the profitability of the company and provides the capability to design and manufacture high quality products. Consequently, the company manages a certified quality system according to ISO 9001:2015. The company considers the application, realization, and compliance with quality standards for which it was certified and commitment to satisfy applicable requirements a main building block in improving the quality of its process and products. The company aims to strive for continuous improvement throughout its activities.

The company is committed to continuous improvement, and to comply with the lawful applicable requirements and those that the company has undertaken with regard to the environmental aspects.

SESP conducts an internal safety and occupational health policy which is appropriate to the nature and risk level to which the company is exposed to with regard to the aspect of safety and occupational health. The company is committed to complying with the lawful applicable requirements and those that the company has undertaken.

SESP is committed to prevent personal harm and disease, injury and occupational diseases and to continuously improve occupational health and safety management as well as occupational health and safety performance.